S10: Chapter 07: Feuding Lovers












Champs Le Sim, 1831

“Wow…,” Drake moaned as he held my hand and moved through the alleyway we’d landed in. “This place brings back memories.”

I froze and took in the sights and smells. The air wasn’t clean in fact it had a stench of death as though someone was recently killed not ten feet away from us. The overwhelming odor of iron hung thick and the dark puff of black smoke only served to saturate the area more with the lingering aroma of burnt coffee or rubber; I couldn’t determine which.

Drake squeezed my hand in his and turned my head to level our eyes. “My turn to show you my ‘wonderful life’.”

“You mean I might get to meet your folks? Well your father, I’ve had enough contact with your Mom for one eternal lifetime.”

He laughed, “Yeah she’s pretty much the same here though I wouldn’t worry much about her. By this time she was out of our lives and we’d all been turned. And though I’d love to introduce you to my Dad I’m not sure what effect that will have on the future.”

“Well as long as you’re careful about the things you say and do we should be fine. I got to meet my grandparents for the first time and everything was ok, remember?”

“I remember a shotgun on the back of my head,” he smiled.

I laughed and he threw his arm over my shoulder as we started towards his home. We reached a small house centered near the edge of town. I smiled as I remembered my trip here with him and the artwork he showed me behind the old place.

Instead of the old, decayed structure I’d encountered before, it was nicely decorated and well put together. Lots of care had been placed on the gardens nearby and the grass was recently trimmed as the smell of fresh rain loomed in the air around us. A pleasant change in odor considering the streets were soaked in urine and other grimy and rancid things.

The lights were all off inside the small home and it appeared that everyone was out for the evening. “You said you were all turned by this point right?”

He nodded. “Why?”

“Just curious; was thinking about my first encounter with past Drake. I’m kind of anxious to see what you look like in this time,” I giggled at the uneasiness that tensed his shoulders.

He turned to me with a wry smile and placed his hands in mine and a kiss on my forehead. “I’m not going to watch my past self mack on you again Zoe. I will kick his ass.”

“Mmm that sounds sexy Drake. My hot and jealous husband kicking his own ass to keep his hands off of me it’s definitely a must-see. I wonder if you’d still feel that ass whooping in the present.” I laughed at his frustrated smile.

“Come on, let’s head over to Vincent’s and see if he’s home.” He again wrapped me in his arms and we started down towards the heart of the city.

“Hey,” Jade smiled finding Jasmine dressed and staring out the window in the living room. “Are you going somewhere?”

“Henry’s coming to take me to a movie to celebrate.” She smiled seeing his car pull up and jumped off the sofa.

“Celebrate? What are you celebrating?”

“Nothing important.”

“Oh you don’t want to tell me? Is it a secret or something?” Jade smiled. “Puppy love? Let me guess hmm…first time he held your hand in public?”

“We’re way past that,” Jasmine scoffed and pushed by her.

“Wait Jazz, did you finish your homework?”

“Yes it’s all done and so are the other 900 things you want to ask me. Now if you’re done pretending as though you care about me I’d like to leave.”

“Excuse me? Jazzy what does that mean?”

“Don’t worry about it. Just do what you did when you came to the decision that affects the both of us and forget about me.”


“Knock, knock,” Henry smiled stepping into the living room. “Hey Beautiful, ready to go?”

Jasmine looked at Jade and nodded her head, “Yes please, get me out of here!” She rushed out towards Henry’s car leaving Jade at a loss for words.

“Gérard brozher!” Bastian smiled and greeted the man as he climbed from his rental. “You have arrived much sooner zhan I’d anticipated.”

“Yes and when my family calls I am zhere! Now on zhe phone you said zhis was a matter of life or deazh? Who is worzh zhe trouble?”

“Zhat would be my Jade,” Bastian said proudly showing him a picture of her. “She is zhe love I have waited for and zhe love I will die to keep.”

“And what is zhe issue?”

“Karver Styx; I am sure in your travels you have heard of him, Non?”

“Oui. I understand he is not zhe man anyone wants to mess wizh. Are you sure you know what you are doing?”

“Absolument! She is zhe only one zhat I want, wait until you meet her. She may steal your heart as well Gérard.”

Pulling up to the home he shared with Jade he noticed the lights were all out and there appeared to be no one home. He rushed inside immediately thinking the worst and that Karver had come for her again. “Jade?” he yelled as he moved around the house looking for her.

“I don’t zhink anyone is home, Bastian,” Gérard observed.

“Non.” He pulled out his cell phone and dialed her number strumming his hand fearfully over his pant leg as he waited to hear her voice.


“Jade? Are you ok? I’m home but you are not here.”

…“I’m at Zoe’s! I’m glad you called Basti, we have to talk…”

“Oui. I will be right zhere! I love you.”

…“I love you too, see you soon…”

Bastian hurried over to meet up with Jade. Excitement rocked him in his seat as he thought about her meeting the only other person he’s cherished in his life. Without knocking he entered the home and escorted Gérard to the living room. “Jade?” he called and waited to hear from her.

“Shhh, not too loud, Rae’s sleeping.” She smiled and approached him. Her arms wrapped tight around his neck and she held on to him as though she were afraid of letting go. “I’ve missed you.”

“Jade I’m sorry about zhat. But it was somezhing zhat I had to take care of.” Her eyes left his for a moment to the man standing over his shoulder and she nodded towards him. “Ah, Jade, zhis is my best friend Gérard, Gérard zhis is Jade.

“C’est un plaisir,” Gérard smiled placing a kiss on Jade’s hand. (It’s a pleasure)

She blushed and smiled back. “Well it’s nice meeting you. You’re just as fresh as Kermit too I see.”

“I’m a romantic. I taught Bastian everyzhing he knows.”

Jade shied away and looked at her hand with a smile. “Is that so Bastian?” she glanced at him and smiled.

“Un peu,” he grinned and pulled her back into his arms. He kissed her passionately and let his lips rest on hers a moment savoring the taste and the feel of her lips before pulling away. “Where are Zoe and Drake? I would like for zhem to meet Gérard aussi.” (A little/Also)

“Something came up and they went to take care of it. Which reminds me, what’s the big idea of you taking off the way you did and leaving me alone in that house AFTER I told you what Karver did?” she shoved his shoulder adding emphasis to her words.

“I needed to get him to stop, Love. I went to…”

“Get yourself killed!”

“While deazh is a risk, it’s not going to happen. I am making sure zhat Karver will never come for you again; zhat you and I can be worry free! You have to understand zhat, Jade. And I have to go soon so I need you to be ok wizh zhis.”

“I’m supposed to be ok with losing you?”

“Jade you won’t lose me zhat is why I do zhis!”

“You can’t say that you can’t tell me…I had a vision Bastian!” He noticed the seriousness in her eyes and gripped her wrist to move her to another room.

“What are you talking about?” he asked once behind closed doors.

“I saw Karver and I saw you Bastian,” she sighed and dropped onto the bed. “He killed you; staked you when you made it into his throne room.”

“Zhat won’t happen, Jade. Gérard and I will be able to handle whatever Karver has to offer. It is why I went to him and asked for his help.”

“Did you not hear what I just said? I SAW YOU DIE!” she jumped up and yelled in anger and disbelief at the idea that Bastian was not taking her vision seriously.

“I heard you,” he said stepping closer. “But what will you have me do? Ignore him and hope zhat he goes away? You and I bozh know zhat if we don’t stop him nozhing will keep him from coming for you anytime he wants. Zhis is zhe only way Love.”

“No it’s not Bastian. Please just stay with me! Don’t leave, this is a suicide mission!”

“Non, everyzhing has been worked out. It needs to happen. I will not sit around and wait for him to pop in and snatch you when the mood suits him!”

“Fine!” she yelled again pulling away. “Go get yourself killed! I don’t give a fuck.” She started for the door to go and check in on Rae and Bastian gripped her wrists and turned her back to face him.


“Don’t Jade me! You’re determined to die then go and fucking let him do you the favor! I don’t give a shit like you obviously don’t!” She moved away and turned her back.

“Jade! Will you stop?” he asked grasping for her wrist and feeling her wriggle free once more. He was quickly losing his cool. She was determined to get away from him and not hear him out. He was trying to explain himself; his actions and with every step she made for the door he slipped further into anger. “Will you fucking listen to me?”

She turned with the tone and the words that escaped his lips and the fury in her eyes burned a hole straight through him. “Listen? Listen to what? You love me so much but you’re willing to just walk out this door and die! What happens then Basti? What if he does kill you?! Not only will I die with you but Karver will have everything he’s after and you’ll have died for what? Huh? Tell me that!”

He moved closer and she pushed him away and turned back towards the door. He snatched her wrists and pinned her against the wall. “No, you said what you wanted to say, maintenant vous écouterez moi!” (Now you will listen to me!)

“I don’t speak Frog now let me go!”

“I love you Jade and everyzhing I do is only to make sure zhat I’ll have you around!” he yelled watching her reluctance to hear him through. She was struggling against his hold and he was effortlessly keeping her in place. “Jade?” He called to her but she refused to look at him. “JADE!”


He growled viciously and pressed his lips against hers, “Je ne veux pas vous perdrez.” (I don’t want to lose you!)

She bit his lip and he sucked at the wound and licked away the blood. Shaking his head he pursued her mouth again, this time she crushed hers onto his and kissed him back. With fear of losing him and never seeing him again driving her she wrapped her arms around his neck and moaned against his mouth sinking deeper into his arms.

Redirecting his anger he ripped the shirt from her body and quickly lowered her shorts. He pushed her against the dresser and she let out a light squeal as he penetrated her with a forceful thrust spreading her thighs roughly he pushed between them and held her in place as he rocked his hips into hers.

Her moans were short and ragged and she fought to control her breathing as he mercilessly pounded into her. She bit on her lower lip as her body was caught somewhere between pleasure and pain as Bastian proved his love for her. His anger drove him deeper and he wasn’t letting her off the hook as easy as a simple apology nor would he let himself off the same. He’d yelled at her for the first time; let angry words settle in her ears and that was unforgivable.

He groaned and slapped his hand across her ass making her squeal again. Had she not pissed him off he would have no doubt made love to her, let her feel the sweet grinding of their bodies together. Instead she was feeling the full force of his anger and hearing her cries of pleasure only drove him quicker. “Yes Bastian! Faster!”

He was more than happy to oblige, gripping her by the waist and slamming his hips harder into hers. The dresser rocked on its legs and a distinctive snap of one of the wooden legs caught between their moans. “Je t’aime,” he growled in her ear as he leaned forward. “Je t’aime pour toujours.” (I’ll love you forever).

He felt his anger releasing steadily as he pushed her harder into the dresser. The pictures on the wall banged louder until falling and shattering the glass into a few hundred pieces. “Yes!” Jade moaned as he groaned in her ear. “Harder!” Her muscles tensed and the sweat poured from her body as the heat in the room came to a boil.

He bit her shoulder and kissed the spot his teeth imprinted before turning her to face him. Lifting her onto the dresser he pulled her down on his shaft and pumped her as he watched her bounce up and down. Her breasts smashed against his chest and her arms wrapped around his neck. She leaned forward and kissed his lips, sucking on his bottom lip as she tried to stifle another moan.

He pulled his mouth away and smiled as the sound released from her throat. Her head fell back and the moment he felt her climax he slapped her ass again and she wriggled her hips to ride it out breaking a second leg on the dresser. Items began falling from the counter top and Bastian held Jade in his arms and prevented her from falling as he continued thrusting into her.

“Hello there Precious,” Elizabeth smiled as she neared Raevynn’s crib. Rae stood and looked at the woman curious but unafraid. Elizabeth responded with a smirk that stretched the length of her face and reached for her. “How much does Daddy love his little girl I wonder? I bet you have him wrapped around your little finger don’t you? Well, there’s only one way to find out.”

Bastian tossed Jade to the bed and pushed her into the sheets as he pumped himself faster and harder between her legs. She bit her finger as he again brought her to climax. “Jade!” he grunted and moved her hand. “Stop doing zhat. I want to hear you finish. You are so beautiful when your body gets zhere.”

She giggled and flipped him onto his back allowing him to hear the end of her orgasm. “Zhat’s better,” he smiled. She leaned forward and kissed him and the sounds coming from his throat became deeper. Her breath fanned across his face and his hands held her tighter against his waist.

She pushed her hands into his chest and bounced faster on top of him. “Yeah Basti! That feels so good! Yes!” He growled again as her head fell back and she slammed herself in his lap. “Let go,” she begged and chewed on her lip. Her eyes closed and she fell harder on him. He leaned forward and sucked her breast into his mouth and she threw him back into the bed, “Let go!”

Her words were more of a demand this time and his eyes closed as he tried to ignore it. He wasn’t ready but the way she moved on top of him caused his body to betray him and he felt his release growing. He screamed as she milked his seed from his body accepting it and smiling as she felt wave after wave fill her. For the first time he let her hear him finish; for the first time he was not in control and she grinned at the small victory.

She collapsed in his arms and let her breathing settle. “I love you Bastian.” He kissed her forehead and held her as he listened to her heart slow and her body begin to cool on top of him. She slipped off of him and he smiled as he watched her redress. He pulled up from the bed and put his clothes on as well.

“Looks like we owe Zoe and Drake some new furniture,” Jade laughed looking around the room.

“Mmm, you do,” Bastian replied wrapping his arms around her waist. “I was never here.”


He laughed and his voice took on a more serious tone. “I want you to trust me Jade and not worry. Gérard and I have everyzhing under control. I will come back to you and we will be togezher forever.” She nodded her head and he kissed her cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He slipped from the room and he and Gérard exited the house in search of the items they needed to fight Karver. Jade, still floating, rubbed her hands along her legs as she moved from the room. She heard Raevynn giggle and went towards her room to check on her.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Jade growled as she found Elizabeth holding Raevynn. Rae smiled as she saw her and reached for her.

Elizabeth pulled her away and moved towards the wall. “I’m bonding with my child,” she sneered.

“Rae, get to Chris,” Jade said and watched her port out of Liz’s arms. She looked at Jade stunned and a frown replaced her look as she moved forward.

The moment Rae was safely from the room Jade rushed at her and grabbed her around the neck. “I told you not to touch her!” she yelled as she snatched and pulled at her hair ripping handfuls from her head.

She heard a pop in her neck and Elizabeth screamed as she pushed herself free of Jade’s grip. “You fucking bitch!”

“Homewrecking whore!” Jade jumped for her again and Elizabeth threw her hands up in defense and pushed at her to back her off. Jade went low and threw her shoulder into her stomach knocking her against the wall before ripping at her hair again. “You’ll regret coming here!”

“And you’ll regret putting your hands on me or thinking you had a chance…” she choked on the last of her words. “You think you’ve won anything? You wait! And you can tell that little slut that stole my Drake she’s in for a world of pain!” Before Jade could grab her again she quickly ported away.

“What’s on your mind?” Henry asked as they exited the theater. Jasmine rubbed her shoulders and he placed his arm around her to help warm her up.

“Mmm you’re always so hot,” she whispered against his neck.

“Yeah it’s an inherited trait. Everyone in my family has increased temperatures like that.” He opened the car door for her and they started towards the arcades to meet up with the rest of the group.

“Over here!” Tomiko waved as she saw Henry and Jasmine enter.

“What is she doing here?” Brittani pouted with disgust.

“If I were you Britt I’d watch what I say. You know Henry’s finished his transition. He won’t continue letting you run your mouth like that.”

“Whatever,” she said rolling her eyes. “He could still do so much better than that worthless human.”

“Hey Jazzy!” Tomi stood and wrapped her in a hug. “Glad you could make it!”

“Of course! Thank you for the invite.”

She took a seat and Henry pulled her into his arms. “Is that for me?” he motioned towards the coke sitting in front of him.

“Sure is Boss, the pizza too, double meat lovers extra cheese.”

Jasmine’s stomach growled and Henry laughed. “Why don’t you have a slice Baby?” She smiled and bit the tip off of his piece before devouring a slice of her own.

“Over here Henry!” Alex called for him and he finished his slice and joined them at the foosball table.

“You and he are so cute together,” Tomi remarked. “I’ve never seen him happier.”

The boys finished the round of foosball and tried their luck at beating the high scores on a few arcade games. The high-pitched ringing and clanking of the controls distracted Jasmine for a moment and she was happy to finally forget her own troubles for even a little while.

“And I’ve never been happier. I just have to get used to people staring at me like I don’t belong.”

“Well some people just never know their place. They need constant reminders that they are freaks that would never fit in with a higher class of people,” Brittani sneered and enjoyed the reaction she pulled from Jasmine.

“Yeah and some people just don’t have what it takes to be Cheer Captain and have to watch as those with far better skills take their place,” Jasmine retorted. A song she loved came on the jukebox and she pulled Henry away from his game and over to dance with her.

“I love that you never back down from her,” he smiled as he kissed her cheek. “You’ve got sass!”

“She doesn’t scare me. She likes to think she knows me and act better but she’s too apparent it’s sad. If that’s what Alex meant about not being one of you, I’ll take being a freak any day.”

“That fight, that right there is what excites me about you.” She giggled and blushed as he pulled her closer for a kiss. “It’s the thing I need in my girl.”

“Even though I’m ‘not one of you’?”

“I think that’s the best part,” he smiled.

“There they are,” Drake said pointing towards the window of a loft located off to the right near the red light district.

“Interesting choice of neighborhoods,” I remarked watching the ladies of the night walk the streets and the gentlemen pretend as though they weren’t there. The smell was similar to the alley we’d first popped into but more pungent with an overwhelming stench of copper.

“He liked being close to places he could have what he wanted: women and food. Being here he thought people wouldn’t look twice at a missing…” he paused trying to think of a nice word for the women in the area; I think I even saw him blush.


He smiled, “Yeah. It was his safety net; prey on the undesirable elements of society and with the Loire so close it was easy to dispose of bodies.

We neared the building as a cool breeze blew over us and refreshed the scent of weeks old milk and piss in the area. The foulest stench of human feces swirled around us and left a bitter taste in my mouth that seemed to burn down my throat. If someone did die in this area I doubt anyone would have bothered to notice considering they’d be too busy choking on their own puke to care.

“What is he…he’s about to kill her now?” I observed as I watched Vincent approach her with a sharp, wooden stick.

Drake bit down on his lip and fought through the urge to run inside and protect her. He wasn’t prepared to have that emotion or that draw; a compulsion to save her. She had after all cheated on him and this was the reason they weren’t wed. He had no obligations to this woman. He sighed and focused on the room in front of us as we listened in.

“Wait Vincent! I’m with child!” she said backing into a wall.

He scoffed. “Nice try. Vampires can’t have kids.”

“She was pregnant?” I asked looking at Drake. “You were going to be a father then?”

“No Zoe.” His eyes took on a serious glare and he ran a hand across his upper lip. “I didn’t know, she never told me that! She…why wouldn’t she tell me that?” His head was spinning at the idea that he’d lost his baby; the first he’d ever conceived. “I can’t believe she could do that! And on top of that these trysts with Vincent?”

He was becoming angrier the longer he thought about it; his eyes flashed red and I rubbed my hand across his shoulders to try and calm him down. I could feel the heat drifting over the tattoo on his back and searing his flesh. “Drake, baby try and relax. The mark on you is…”

“Do you know what this means Zoe? Vincent not only killed the love of my life he killed my child too! My child!”

Love of my life, those words echoed in my head and I held my hand over my heart. He couldn’t have meant that the way it sounded. I closed my eyes and swallowed hard focus Zoe. “I can’t understand how you feel right now Drake but I do know that if anything happened to Christopher or Raevynn I’d lose it. I don’t know what to say to you and I know this won’t add any solace because you’re seeing the events surrounding her death for the first time but you have a family and we all love you.”

He nodded and tuned back into the conversation taking place in the room in front of us.

“I wasn’t a vampire when I conceived Vincent. I’m pregnant with your child.” She rubbed at her belly and smiled. “I haven’t felt him since you changed me but I know he’s there.”

He looked at her and took a step back. “You…why didn’t you tell me Liz?”

“What difference would that have made? Would you not have changed me? Not tortured my fiancé with the idea his future bride was manhandled by his best friend, someone he called brother? I didn’t tell you because you didn’t need to know. What we did was a mistake and should have never happened.”

“You crawled into MY bed Liz! I didn’t come after you!” Vincent yelled his anger refreshing each time he looked at her. He rolled the piece of wood around his fingers aching to drive it between her bosoms.

“You could have easily refused me! Turned me away! But you didn’t and it’s because of you that Drake found out about us! Vous foutu débile! (You fucking idiot).

“Yeah well I’ll make up for that now.”

“Please! You don’t have the balls to…” her eyes widened in shock and horror as the sharp end of the stake penetrated her chest and she could feel the gurgling of blood pumping up her throat.

“Vincent…” she looked at him. “You…”

“You should know better than anyone,” he whispered in her ear. “I have brass balls and never again will you hurt him. You’re right, I should have turned you away but that doesn’t matter now. You won’t be around to torture him anymore.” Her eyes closed and he kissed her eyelids. “Goodbye Elizabeth.” He snatched the necklace from her neck and watched her body burn and explode in a pile of ash.

We turned and exited the area; Drake gripped my arm tight and pulled me towards the sidewalk and back towards his place. Wordlessly we reached his front stoop again but this time there were lit candles on the sills and inside the small home; someone was home. “Are you gonna say anything?” I asked watching him decide whether he wanted to go in or not.

“What do you want me to say?” he smiled and turned to me. “I have who I want; the family I need. There’s nothing that needs to be said Zoe. I love you and that’s all there is to it.”

“Ok and what exactly was this trip supposed to show us anyway? I mean other than learning your ex was having a child with your best friend.”

“I’m not sure. I was just kind of hoping to see something that would indicate why Karver wanted her back in my life. Nothing I’ve seen so far has offered any type of explanation for that. Just more…anger; more questions and a seething desire to watch her and Vincent burn.” He turned back towards the front porch and tried to make out anyone inside.

I placed my hand on his back and was again met with his scorching flesh. “Your tattoo Drake.”

“I’m trying Zoe.” He pulled my hand from his back and gave it a squeeze. “I’m under control just angry. Don’t worry ok? I promise not to flip out here. I’d risk you leaving me in the past,” he laughed.

“I wouldn’t do…”

There was a growl behind us and slowly Drake turned to see two sharp and piercing blue eyes closing in. “Zoe stay close,” he said pulling my arm and moving me behind him.

“Que faites-vous ici? Qui sont vous? A fait le Cordelia vous envoient?” His accent was thick and his words pushed together quickly. When he didn’t get his answer immediately, he asked again this time much angrier. “QUI SONT VOUS!? Répondez-moi maintenant!” (What are you doing here? Who are you?  Did Cordelia send you? / Who are you? Answer me now!)

“Dad?” Drake asked.

The man stepped out of the shadows with a puzzled expression on his face and leaned towards us. His blue eyes shone with curiosity and he sniffed the air taking in Drake and my scent. “Draco?”

He moved with caution as Drake came forward a smile on his face. “Dad!” he wrapped his arms around the man’s neck and he hesitantly closed him in an embrace.

“Qu’est-ce que c’est? How?” (What is this?)

“Magie Papa,” Drake responded pulling away. “Mon épouse est une sorcière,” he nodded towards me and extended his hand for me to join him. “Zoe this is my Papa, Henri Gustave.” (Magic Dad / My wife is a witch)

“Draco!” he smiled again and looked at me. “Bonsoir mon cher je suis Henri,” he said kissing my hand before pulling me into a hug. (Good evening my dear I’m Henri)

“Well I can say one thing for sure, I see where you get your manners and good looks.”


I smiled. “Does he speak English?”

“Oui, mon cher, I speak English just fine. Zhis magie, where are you from?”

“About 200 years in the future,” Drake replied. “We came looking for answers but didn’t get what we were after.”

“Answers? Ce qui vous signifient?” (What do you mean?)

Drake began explaining our situation and Henri listened nodding his head every so often and looking back and forth between us.

Vincent got Jill safely inside. He checked the area around the house trying to sniff out any unwanted visitors before locking the door for the first time since owning this particular lot. Jill walked towards the living room and rubbed a hand across her belly. She smiled feeling Vance bumping around inside of her. He was restless but that wasn’t uncommon, he had a knack for knowing when she needed to be reminded of his love and always showed it with a few kicks to the ribs.

“Mmm,” she moaned with a mix of pain and pleasure as Vance began settling within her stomach once again.

“Are you ok?”

“I’m fine Vincent. Your son just wanted to say ‘hello’.”

He laughed and moved towards her placing a hand on her stomach to feel him. “Whoa! I see a sports hero in his future,” he said at the power behind the kick that met the cool surface of his hand on her flesh. “Or maybe he just wants me to back off?”

“No, I’m sure he’ll be a great athlete.” She sighed and dropped onto the couch, removing her shoes and leaning back into the cushions.

Vincent propped a few pillows behind her back and on the table so she can lift her feet up and relax. He rubbed a hand across his forehead and looked down at her. “You know where I am going with my next question Jill.”

She bit her lower lip and looked away from his penetrating green eyes and nodded. “Yeah.”

He dropped beside her and waited patiently for her to begin. He was getting answers tonight one way or another. He didn’t want any more unexpected visitors and after tussling with her…whatever he was, he needed to know what he was up against. Gavin was strong; almost as strong as a vampire and he moved just as quick but he wasn’t ranked among the undead…not that he could sense.

She inhaled sharply and slowly released the breath as she leaned forward and rubbed at her temples. Man…this was scary and harder than she expected. She’d promised her pack that she would remain silent about who and what they were but now she was faced with the decision of whether to protect them and possibly get her child and Vincent killed or betray their trust so that her son’s father would know what to do and what to look for in case they came for him again.

She looked at him and he nodded letting her know he was ready to hear it. She straightened up on the sofa and turned towards him. “Gavin is a wolf.” She said and paused for his reaction.

He gave her an incredulous look and narrowed his gaze at her. “A wolf?” he repeated with a tone indicating his lack of belief. “A wolf as in a werewolf? A lycanthrope? One of those Hollywood simulated furry monsters that change with the light of a full moon?” he rubbed his hand under his chin to keep himself from laughing as he looked at the seriousness in her face. Right, he thought, wolves exist.

“I’m serious!” Jill asserted. “We’re all wolves, my family, his and the others in my home community.”

“Jill do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? I’ve walked this Earth for nearly 400 years and not once have I ever heard of fucking wolves!” he stood and circled around behind her. Something outside caught his attention and he looked outside the window towards the front yard.

“Yeah? And when in those 400 years did you first learn vampires could conceive children?” she retorted. “Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about what’s really out there Vincent.”

She stood and moved behind him. Her hand caressed his shoulder and he turned to look at her taking her hands in his and gently rubbing his thumb across her knuckles. “You’re being serious about this?”

“100% Vincent. We’re as strong as vampires and have the same speed but our powers are dependent on the phases of the moon.”

“And you? You’re a wolf too?”

“Not fully, no.”

“What does that mean?”

“My parents are wolves but my gene is dormant and it will remain that way until I’ve taken a mate and completed the ritual bonding.”

“And let me guess, dickwad is your mate?” he asked dropping onto the arm of the sofa.

“Was. I left him and the whole nonsense behind my staying trapped in that small community with no contact with anyone or anything outside of our pack. It’s not the life I wanted.”

“And it’s not the one you’ll have.” He pulled her into his arms as he thought over everything she’d said. Things were different that was for sure and with the added information of what she was he knew a bigger fight was at hand and as she stated, a war would be the most likely outcome. “I’ll kill him if he comes back again.”

“Aww, is that jealousy I detect in your voice?” she smiled.

He shrugged. “Maybe; in case you forgot Jillybean, you’re mine.”

His words left her in shock and a feeling in her heart she couldn’t quite explain and a smile crept on her face as she replayed those words: you’re mine.


9 responses to “S10: Chapter 07: Feuding Lovers

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  4. Why does the air smell like death there? Because of all the whores that were made into meals? Had the smell been sulfur and not copper I would have questioned if Karver was near. Drake’s Dad is kind of…how do you say hot in French? That. He’s that!

    Damn Jazzy is really upset and Jade seems like her feelings were really hurt. They need to talk right away! They’re all each other has in the eye of blood relation.

    Henry is so in love! They are cute together as Tommi said! Brittani is still a bitch of course.

    Jade and Basti! Daaaaaaaamn! If that’s what they do when they’re angry I wonder what it’s like when they’re on the brink of hating each other. She was right though! His love is going to get him killed!

    Gerard is smooth! If he sticks around he’ll need a nickname too! 😛

    Jade kicked that bitches ass and what the hell is up with her calling Rae her child?

    • That’s one reason but there was also no real working indoor plumbing around this time (it was an idea though introduced in some hotels but wasn’t popularized until around the mid 1840s) <–sorry for the history lesson.

      ANYWAY LOL I was trying for "realism" and the piss being tossed out of windows from bedpans. But yes there was also a great deal of killing (one reason Vincent LOVED the area). Yeah sulfur would definitely indicate a strong demonic presence 🙂

      Hot = Chaud (which is also the same word for "warm"). And Zoe thought so too LOL! We'll get better shots of dear old Dad in the next update as well as a visit from past Drake 🙂

      Jazzy didn't feel like talking to Jade because she felt Jade made a decision that affects them both and didn't bother asking her how she felt. So she's not in a sharing mood right now, at least with Jade. And yeah her feelings were really hurt because before this, Jazz would come over to her place after school and talk about almost everything with her and they grew close. Which is why Jazz took finding out Jade's plans so much harder.

      LOL He does really love her and we'll see just how that emotion effects him and their relationship!

      Bastian only wants to save his Jade. Her vision will be a thought for him but he didn't want to show her that he was worried about it (which was a mistake because she felt as though he was brushing her off). The angry sex was great LOL and yeah he hated himself for raising his voice at her but it would be interesting to see how far it could go. Jade might just do shit to piss him off for that good loving!

      HAHA he's a tutor of the romantics. He knows how to work the opposite sex, that's for sure. (And not in a love 'em and leave 'em kind of way).

      Yeah Jade was all over that LOL she warned her not to get near her babies! "Her child"…interesting wasn't it?

      Thank you for reading!

  5. Jasmine is still hurt, but doesn’t want to talk about it yet. Instead, she is shutting Jade out. Just like a teenager! I’m glad she didn’t let Brittany intimidate her, but put her in her place! I love how sweet she and Henry are together.

    I hate that Liz even more! Pregnant with Vincent’s baby and engaged to Drake! Vincent was ruthless! He killed her even though he knew that she was pregnant with his child. He has changed!

    My heart hurt with Zoe’s when Drake called Liz the love of his life. I hope it was just an emotional slip of the tongue and not the truth! Please tell me that Rae is not that evil slut’s! Jade is a true friend. I got great satisfaction watching her beat Liz’s butt!

    The romantic in me wants Vincent to be happy too! I am finally over wanting him to remain a playboy. How could I not want him to be with Jilly?

    I love how Bastian and Jade argue! Fanning myself just remembering!
    Gerard is hot too! Another yummy Frenchman! 🙂

    • Jasmine can feel Jade’s emotions and she hasn’t sensed remorse at all for leaving her in the dark about her decision to become a vampire and so she feels as though Jade just doesn’t care. So she’ll continue ignoring her and shutting her out like that and it’ll only get worse.

      Yeah he wasn’t concerned at all about what she was saying he just wanted her out of his life and away from Drake. She was poison and he knew it. He has changed a great deal from that monster he used to be. He would never even consider harming Jill, Vance or his Nessa; the idea alone hurts him.

      Drake didn’t even realize what he said and how those words hit his wife. He still has an emotional connection to her but it’s one he would never let affect his marriage; though those words alone were damaging enough. Like a classic psycho, Liz sees anyone near her “fiance” as the enemy though his children she wants. She’ll try and usurp her way in the door. HAHA Jade was all over her! She warned her what would happen if she came close to the children and she hates that Liz got away…maybe next time.

      LOL Vincent is slowly seeing Jill for what she could be and allowing himself to feel something for her. 🙂 His first step was saying no to the hordes of women throwing themselves at him. Since meeting Jill she’s been the only one he’s slept with.

      LOL! I swear if my arguments were like that I’d provoke the hell out of Jason every time!

      Thank you for reading!

  6. Merry Christmas!!!!

    So Liz was a two timing whore but still has the nerve to want to have claim on Drake??? Vincent was pretty cold to kill her knowing she was pregnant with his baby. Maybe he thought she was lying. I don’t like her, and the way she said the Rae was hers was plain creepy! I’m glad Jade kicked her butt. Liz has no idea who she is messing with.

    Poor Jazz. She really needs to try talking to Jade instead of just being angry. I know she’s hurt but I’m scared her just lashing out is going to only lead to bad things and I don’t want to see her go down that path.

    Vincent and Jilly…how cute are they. I’m glad she finally told him the truth, at least now he knows what he is dealing with. “You’re mine.” That is as close to a commitment as I think she will get right now. I’m glad he finally has someone and can start to move on from Zoe.

    Wonderful update!

    • Yep! She thinks…knows…that Drake was devoted to her and feels she is the only one he could have truly loved but her eyes and body couldn’t help themselves when she met Vincent. She wanted to have him too and Vincent being Vincent didn’t refuse her. Vincent didn’t give concern whether she was being honest or not he was a ruthless monster back then and just wanted her gone. HAHA Liz’s statement was a bit creepy and she was very serious about it too.

      Jazz feels that at this time she doesn’t owe Jade conversation since she wasn’t concerned enough to talk to her about what she was planning either. But talking at this point would be in her best interest.

      “You’re mine” was just that, his way of saying “I want this” without saying “I love you” because he’s not ready for that because he still has no idea if Jill is there with him or not. He doesn’t want to make the first move and get his heart stomped on. But Jill could be really good for him and he knows that. The idea of having his children and Jill together makes him really happy.

      Thank you! Merry Christmas 😀

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