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Henri sat listening to Drake and I explain everything that had happened within the course of our lives together. He was excited to know Cordelia had met her end but even more thrilled to learn he had two grandchildren. For much of the conversation the majority of his questions centered on them and he got to know them through the pictures Drake carried in his wallet and the memories we both had in our minds.

“And tell me Zoe, has my son treated you well?”

“Of course I have Papa; I was raised to respect the fairer sex.”

“Oui zhat you were but I was not speaking to you Draco. I’d like to hear what your bride says in regards to zhe topic.” I smiled watching them go back and forth before confirming and agreeing with Drake’s sentiment. “Isn’t zhis why you are here? To get answers about somezhing you did to Elizabezh non?”

“I’m not sure what Karver thinks bringing her back will accomplish but he seems damn near absolute she’ll be a catalyst for something.”

“You mean you don’t remember? Zhe way you and Vincenzo ruined zhat poor girl’s life as if it were some game?” Drake glanced over at me and shook his head no. “You murdered everyone she ever cared about Draco ensuring zhat she’ll be dependent on you once you took her heart. You and Vincenzo worked on causing her chaos and havoc any time you zhought she had an ounce of peace you’d do somezhing zhat would turn her world upside down. You started wizh her mozher, her fazher, fed from her babysister and ripped zhe head from her older brozher.”

Drake dropped his head in his hands as the memories of everything he’d done to her began returning. “I remember, I don’t know how I could forget. I wanted her and she refused me and…”

“You were a different man then. Regardless of what you may have done to her that doesn’t give her the right to do anything to our children and I won’t let her near them Drake, I mean that!”

He stood and kicked the brick of the fireplace flooring. “She wants revenge I’m sure and she deserves it. Zoe you have no idea what I put her through. ”

The door opened and Drake’s past self stepped in. Blood stained his vest and he had a wide grin on his face; self-satisfied as he was returning from a fresh kill. “Papa?” he stopped in the living room and took in our faces. Without another word he charged for Drake grabbing him and tossing him to the floor beside the fire place.

Drake kicked him off and sent his fist soaring towards his jaw as his past self came back towards him. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Je ne vous laisserai pas nuire à mon Père,” he growled and threw a kick to Drake’s midsection. (I won’t let you harm my Father).

“DRACO! ENOUGH!” Henri said standing and placing himself between the two.

“Who are zhey?! Why does he look like me Papa? Has Cordelia sent zhem?” he asked, the words rolling thick off his accented tongue. I smiled at him seeing and hearing that voice with that accent and it made me wonder when he’d lost it.

“Non, he is you from zhe future and she is your future bride, Zoe.”

His eyes narrowed in my direction and he looked back at Drake. “Prove it! How do you know for sure zhey are who zhey say Papa?”

Drake went through a laundry list of memories and events that only he would know and explained where every scar on his body came from. Past Drake relaxed a little as he finally came to the same conclusion Henri had earlier, we were telling the truth.

He looked over at me and smiled. “We have children togezher and you are my wife? What happened to Liz?”

“Yes I am. We’ve been happily married for several years now though when we meet you no longer have the accent.” I sighed and looked over at my Drake. “And as for Liz, we can’t discuss future events. If anything changes them it could be disastrous.” He nodded his head and watched as Henri took a seat again. Drake rubbed his chin and groaned and I laughed thinking about his threat to kick his own ass. “I guess you can feel your ass kicking in both the past and present Drake.”

“Funny Zoe.”

“Zoe,” Past Drake smiled. “I zhink I shall enjoy getting to know you.”

“When your time comes,” Drake said placing his hand on his shoulder. “She’s mine so keep your hands off.”

I laughed again as I let my eyes roam his past form. He was just as rugged and handsome and his hair, great length. I stopped myself before I allowed my mind to undress him and imagine his hands wrapped around me and whispering against my neck with the accent he has long since lost. “You really should consider growing your hair again, Drake. It really does suit you.” I rejoined Henri on the couch and Past Drake dropped onto the cushion beside me.

His eyes were locked on mine and he smiled at me as he examined my features. “You smell nice what is zhat? Vanille? Je l’aime.” He seductively licked his tongue across his bottom lip and Drake growled and stepped closer. “Détendez! I am only looking I promise I won’t bite,” he winked. (Vanilla? I like it / Relax)

“You know it’s funny; the other realm Drake is just like this one. Just as much a flirt. It makes me wonder when you changed and stopped being so…outgoing.”

“Do I not flirt with you when I can Zoe?” Drake smiled. “I’m pretty sure I can still make you blush.”

“Touché,” I grinned.

“So zhis man Karver is forcing you to work for him?” Henri asked as he took a sip of tea before placing it back on the table. “And you made a deal just to see zhe birzh of your son?” He smiled as he looked again at the picture of Christopher and Raevynn in his hand. “Zhey look just like you, Draco; Christopher especially. I zhink he even has a bit of his Grand-Papa in him, definitely my eyes.” He beamed.

“Oui Papa, I think that sometimes saddens Zoe,” he smiled at me. “And yes I wanted to be there for my family I needed to be. And now I’m in his service until well…until he uses me up I suppose.” He slammed his fist onto the table and the teapot and cups clanked and rocked from the vibrations he sent through the wooden surface. “I never intended to invite that kind of thing into our lives Zoe.”

“Don’t Drake; your intentions were good and I know your heart was in the right place. You don’t have to make apologies for wanting to protect us.” I stood and caught him as he returned to his spot by the fire.

“Yeah but that’s what paves the road to hell right? And that’s where I find myself now.”

Past Drake cleared his throat and looked over towards us. “Drake, pardon, it’s strange calling my own name for someone else. Anyway if I told you your wife, my wife, our wife had a nice derrière would zhat make you angry?”

“You Drakes are real horndogs. It makes me curious as to why you never procreated until you met me. I’d think your past would be littered with children!”

Past Drake smacked an open palm across my ass and laughed. “Perhaps we needed zhe right woman to bring out zhe real passion!”

Drake made a rumbling noise and I pushed him back and rubbed my hand along his chest and felt his temperature change. He was warmer to the touch and his eyes flashed as my hand remained on his. I drew back and looked at my palm. “What was that?”

“It’s Karver. He’s calling for me.”

“What? How? He’s too weak to step foot on the surface for too long but he can contact you in the past and try and pull you to the Pit?”

The tattoo on Drake’s back lit up and he reached for it and groaned. The bird began searing into his flesh and the smell of roasted skin permeated the small room. He pushed me away and Henri stood and retrieved a glass of water for him but before he could reach him, Drake’s body was elevated and he began spinning violently.


“Stay back Zoe!”

Henri pulled me into his arms and back towards the wall as we watched Drake’s hands begin spewing fire and creating small blazes all around the living room. Henri poured the glass of water he had onto one of them and he and Past Drake ran towards the kitchen for more.

Drake growled and his body stretched as if some invisible force was ripping him from limb to limb. His entire body became a ball of fire and a red light shot from his eyes. He looked at me, his eyes apologetic and sincere as he exploded in mid air leaving behind a scorch mark on the ground he once stood.


“Le Diable?” Past Drake asked looking at me.

“Là où il est allé?” I looked at him in bewilderment and he bowed his apology. “My son, where did he go?”

“Hell,” I sighed. “That was Karver calling for him. And it’s my cue to get to work. It was nice meeting you Henri.”


“Papa and Drake, always a pleasure bumping into you along your lifespan. Don’t worry about Drake, he’ll be fine. I’ll get him back.” He wrapped his arms around my neck hugging me tight as he said his goodbye and I turned and gave Past Drake a smile before hugging him as well. I closed my eyes and contacted Christopher and waited for him to transport me home. Wordlessly I dropped onto the bed as worry over the power it took for Karver to do what he did filled my mind. Was he regaining his strength that quickly?

“How did it go?” Jade asked with a smile as she sat Raevynn on the floor in front of me.

“All went well. I got to meet his Dad, he’s a sweet man.” I stopped there and thanked her for looking after the children afraid of going deeper and worrying her. She started out the front door as I headed down to the magic room in search of answers.

“Give me an S! What’s that spell? WOLVERINES!” Jasmine shouted and jumped as the other cheerleaders practiced beside her. Tomorrow was game day and she was more excited than she’d ever been before. Besides getting to watch Henry on the basketball court, she’d be alongside him as a cheerleader; her one slice of normality.

He looked over and winked at her as though he’d sensed she was thinking about him. She blushed and took a seat beside Rebecca. “He’s so into you,” she laughed as she watched Jasmine try and cover her reddening cheeks with her hair. “There’s no hiding from that girly. You’re so in love with him anyone can see that.”


“What? No reason to be ashamed of it. He’s a hottie! You made a lot of girls jealous trust me,” she sighed.

Jasmine felt her anxiety as she spoke those words. Rebecca smiled at her and pretended as though she wasn’t just drooling over her boyfriend. Realization increased the nervous feeling in the pit of Jasmine’s stomach as she understood the source of Rebecca’s change in mood. She was the girl Brittani kept talking about, the reason she kept calling her a home wrecker. Though the two never dated they must have come close.

The coach blew his whistle startling her and the team began winding down and heading towards the locker room. Henry moved over towards the bleachers where Jasmine and Rebecca sat and waited for them to finish their conversation. He smiled at her as she turned to address him. “I’ll catch up to you later,” Rebecca said pulling away from the bench. “Hi Henry.”

“Hey Becks.” He slid beside Jasmine and she frowned at him as he kissed her cheek. “What? You don’t want my kisses?”

“You’re sweaty and you smell!”

“That’s love Baby!”

She laughed and he took her hand and started over to Tomiko and Charlie. “So are we doing anything tonight?” Jasmine asked as Tomiko pulled away from Charlie’s arm.

Charlie glanced at Henry and shook his head no before he turned to respond. “We’re all a little…we have this thing we normally do but…”

“Not tonight,” Tomi said saving Charlie from himself. “We can get together tomorrow though should be a blast! You looked great out there by the way. You seem right at home with those pompoms.”

“I do? I’ve never cheered before so that’s surprising.” She sensed the tension forming between the four friends and a cramp wrenched her stomach. Her head was spinning and she tried to play it off with a smile in Henry’s direction but he’d noticed the change in her body temperature and worry set in.

“Are you ok?”

“I’m fine I just need to…I…did I do something?”

“What do you mean?”

“Everyone seems so nervous around me lately and I just want to know why. You especially Henry; your behavior is so erratic at times and it leaves me wondering if I have some huge sign on my forehead or something that makes people pull away.”

“No Jazzy it’s not you.” He nodded at Tomi and she and Charlie headed out of the gym as he took Jasmine’s hand and led her into the corner with his gear. “I’m sorry I make you feel that way. But it’s nothing you’ve said or done trust me. I guess I’m just not used to being around you yet. I’ve been going through a little family change and you’ve been the one constant that I can depend on. It just makes me nervous how much I actually care about you I think,” he gave her a shaky smile and kissed her cheek again. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok I understand. But you’d tell me right? If I did something?”

“Of course I would Jazz. I’m gonna go and grab a shower will you be around when I get back?”

She glanced up at the clock and realized the busses had already left for the day; she’d need a ride home. But she remembered her promise to herself to talk to Jade, “I’m actually heading off to my Aunt’s place later. So I’ll see you tomorrow?”


Bastian was becoming more comfortable allowing himself to vocalize the gratification being with Jade filled him with. After realizing she got off quicker being able to hear his climax helped him ensure he was doing his job right. Jade opened her legs wider and felt him slide deeper between her moist thighs as he reached under her and grabbed her ass, helping to lift her each time she moved.

Her body was hot; hotter than normal and he was thoroughly enjoying the pleasure of having her on top of him. Jade began to shiver; her legs closed around Bastian’s body like a clamp and she closed her eyes and mouth and breathed noisily through her nostrils. “Mmm,” she moaned. The signal he waited for letting him know she was ready for another.

His strong hands slid higher up her back as she milked her climax along his shaft with her contracting muscles; gripping him and coaxing his release. The soft flesh of her thighs slid up and down his hips and he released a throaty groan and it caused her to work faster.

Bastian laughed at her efforts and kept his control as she rolled her hips harder into him and her moans deepened with the heavy breathing of her orgasm. He felt Jade’s legs open slightly more above him. The warmth from within her radiated against his loins, and he felt himself harden more from the idea of her body melting into his. As she leaned forward, she exposed her slender neck to Bastian’s opened mouth.

He slid his tongue along her neck licking and kissing her as he painted her flesh in his scent and drowned himself in hers. Her palms pressed hard against his chest, and her fingernails dug lightly into his skin as she felt him thrust hard into her. His hands gripped her hips and kept her in place as he pumped his pelvis upwards.

Bastian flipped her over and lifted his body above Jade’s as he inserted the remainder of his thick shaft inside her. She leaned her head forward, watching him move inside her; filling her up. Bastian looked down also, and he watched as his throbbing, engorged length pulled out of her and glistened in the soft glow of the room, dripping wet as a result of her previous climax.

“Oh god,” Jade wailed and leaned back into the comforter. She was never quiet; never whispered when he was in her and her voice was quickly growing hoarse from the events of their morning. She pulled Bastian down and kissed his mouth, digging her fingers into the flesh of his ass.

Bastian drove into her hard and then again. Stroke after stroke he watched as her body rocked under the demand of his own. Her body tensed beneath his as she prepared herself for another explosion. He moved his hand up to her breasts. The feel of her hard nipple against his palm sent a shock through him, and he pushed hard into her as a result.

She moaned, spread her legs wider and let the sounds trail off, breathing quickly through pursed lips. Time slowed to a fraction of its true speed and Bastian expected one of them to come sooner or later, but neither of them did. They looked into one another’s eyes, saying things they could not say with words alone.

He moved his shaft like a precise tool, probing every inch of space inside of her making her purr and claw at him like a frisky kitten. Jade began to whimper as his speed increased and the fervor of his hips reached maximum intensity, he was ready. “Yes!” she moaned. “Please Bastian I wanna hear it!” He didn’t deny her the satisfaction and as he drove himself between her thighs, a guttural growl bellowed from the pit of his belly as he released deep within her filling her up completely and fulfilling his own desire.

“I love you Bastian,” Jade moaned as she collapsed on top of him. He ran a hand through her hair and she slid down until her head rested against his belly. She kissed the spot she rested her head and listened to the beating of her own heart. She wrapped her arms around herself and sighed as she felt the tingles between her legs begin to subside.

She flipped over so that she could rest within the muscles of his chest and her hands stroked confidently through his mane. He looked at her and smiled and she giggled to herself as her fingers danced around his nipple. “Marry me,” Bastian said kissing her forehead once and looking into her eyes expectantly. They’d spent the better half of the morning making love and he’d returned that afternoon for the same run of events. He was keeping her body well serviced and a smile on her face; his way of ensuring everything between them was as it should.

Jade lifted higher on the bed and looked at him before running her hand along the smooth edges of his hair unsure she’d heard him correctly. He smiled at her and waited for her to settle once more but didn’t attempt to clear up his request as her face ran a gauntlet of emotions. “What did you say?”

“You heard me.” He lifted his arm behind his head raising his eye level higher until they were on hers. “I’ve searched my entire life looking for a woman like you and now zhat I have you zhere’s no way in hell I’m ever letting you go.” He pulled her to the edge of the bed and kneeled down before her.

Resting one hand on his leg the other softly caressed her hand as he again made the offer. “A wise man once said, ‘zhe minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind zhat was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. Zhey’re in each other all along’. I love you more zhan words could ever describe and it would make me zhe proudest man if you would become my wife. Sometimes love takes you by surprise and zhere is no stopping zhe amount of joy you find in zhe person you know you are meant to be wizh and zhat is how you make me feel. It may be selfish of me but I want zhis feeling to last forever. Will you be my forever love? Will you marry me Jade?”

A huge grin formed in the place that once held a confused frown as she listened to his proposal. Her head was spinning with excitement and happiness as she allowed those words to repeat in her head. She closed her eyes and sighed before finding his gaze again and noticing the worried expression on his face. She leapt from the covers and into his arms as she repeated her answer as loud as she could in his ear. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course I’ll marry you!”

Bastian squeezed her tighter in his arms and felt her heart beating rapidly within her chest. She agreed. She was his and soon he’d have his forever. The thought alone made his head spin as he realized that soon he would be able to do something that has been on his mind since first meeting her.

He had come home simply to check on her and make sure Karver had not been back since his last visit. He needed to finish the job and collect the rest of the rare ingredients necessary for the plan to run smoothly. But he got much more than that and now being near her was a distraction. Blurring the very clear mission he was determined to accomplish before ever setting eyes on her again. Gérard was waiting for him; had been all morning but he couldn’t pull himself away from her.

Jade, the divine creature that had to be more than human he could smell her from a mile away. Her sweet enticing aroma circulated through his nose and overpowered every ounce of him. He could imagine the pleasure of having her for the first time and the thoughts of it kept him busy. The job of removing Karver from their lives seemed far less important than the blood bond he wanted to have with her; the lifelong commitment of her becoming his soul mate forever. And every time he was away from her that scent, that same heavenly scent he drowned himself in moments ago kept pulling his thoughts off the job.

No, he had to have her; to taste her for the first time. To know what it felt like to have her blood coursing within him. And with her acceptance of his marriage proposal there was no better time than the present. He turned her around and pulled her closer until her back pressed tight against his chest. He moved slowly; stroking her neck as he nudged her head back onto his shoulder while pressing his lips up and down the vein that would undoubtedly cure his hunger.

Whispering her name seductively in her ear he prepared her for what his heart could no longer wait for. “Jade,” he kissed her shoulder. “Jade,” he kissed the base of her neck. “Let me hear it, Jade.” He trailed his lips upward awaiting the words he wanted and needed to hear. “Tell me you want it. Tell me it’s mine.” He grazed her skin with his sharp teeth and imagined the sound of her voice laced with lust and yearning for him through uncontrolled breathing.

Speaking just above a whisper the words he requested parted her lips and she drowned in her desire for him, “Take it Bastian. It’s yours.”

His lips closed over the vein and his tongue flicked across the skin on her neck as his fangs slowly pierced through the tender flesh covering the throbbing artery that had his attention. Jade squealed feeling the pinch and the steadily increasing pressure and tried to pull away. Though he was trying to be very gentle, the pain was still very much a dominant aspect to feeding. Bastian locked her tighter in his arms and held her in place preventing her from moving as he lapped up the warm flow of liquid that slowly satisfied the craving he’d longed for.

A warm sensation began coursing through Jade’s body starting from the place Bastian’s cool lips met her flesh. The tingles increased as his hand ran along her nude body and his fingers danced along the smooth flesh above her belly button. She leaned deeper into his arms as she dizzied with a euphoric feeling that heightened each time he kissed her after a sip. Bastian found himself unable to pull away from her vein as the taste became sweeter.

Being careful not to drain her, he drew back finally relieving his ravenous thirst. He bit into his lip allowing a small amount of blood to spill before pulling her subdued lips to his and kissing her hard. She could taste her blood on his lips as his tongue fought against hers and her body melted against his chest. His blood poured into her mouth and she swallowed a mouthful causing an immediate reaction and fainted in his arms.

He held her up and smiled as the start of her transition took place. “Get some rest Love, I shall return later zhis evening; plenty of time before you’ll need your next drink.” He lifted her and laid her gently in the covers of the bed. He placed a kiss on her forehead and watched her eyes become heavier before she sank into a deep sleep.

“How did you do it?” Drake asked as he stood in front of Karver in the Pit. “How did you pull me from where I was?”

“I’d rather we discuss the reason you’re here rather than…”

“Answer my question Karver.”

He smirked at Drake’s insistence and pulled up from his seated position. “I assume you don’t know what’s happening so let me lay it out for you; I want Bastian dead and you’re going to do it.”

Drake took one step forward and glanced into Karver’s eyes as he replayed his words. “I’m not doing anything. I told you before Bastian was your problem and I will not see him harmed nor be the cause of it.”

“You’re again mistaking my demands as a request Drake.” He snapped his fingers and teleported them both into the fire pits. The screams of the men and women lying roasting on the large braziers filled the room and increased the smile on Karver’s face. It was his favorite place in his hell hole; a place he could enjoy the pain of everyone unfortunate enough to find themselves a guest.

He snapped his fingers once more and showed him an image of Elizabeth holding Raevynn tight within her arms. “You WILL do as I’ve said or you’ll watch the woman you tormented get the revenge she’s sought and cause you the same pain that you gave her oh so many years ago. Can you live with the pain of losing your children Drake? Your wife? Don’t make me pull the trigger on her. Get rid of Bastian or I’ll make that decision for you.”

Jasmine knocked on the door but didn’t get an answer. She knocked again before trying the knob and letting herself into the house. “Aunt Jade?” she called and looked around the large room. “Are you home?”

“Jazzy!” Jade smiled and wrapped her arms around her niece. Her touch was cool and sent a shiver down Jasmine’s body and as she pulled away she ran a warming hand over her shoulder.

“You’re cold.”

“My body’s adjusting. I’m happy you’re here Jasmine I wanted to talk to you about what happened the other day.” She motioned for the couch and Jasmine shook her head no. Jade continued smiling at her and looked down at her hand. “You’re the first person that’ll know.”

“Know what?”

She turned her hand so Jasmine could see and a sparkle lit her eyes as she announced her engagement. “It’s a dream come true. It’s like everything is falling into place for me. But you knew it all along. You could feel how Bastian made me happy and…”

“Your emotions are going crazy what is that?”

“Bastian said they’d become heightened at the start of the transition but everything would slowly begin to return to normal.”

“Transition? You…you’ve changed?” Jasmine asked in disbelief as she stepped further into the living room.

“I’m changing. Bastian and I started the transition earlier this afternoon. It completes after a few days but isn’t official until my first…drink.” She grimaced at the thought of drinking more blood. The idea still grossed her out but it was a small price to pay for the amount of happiness the day’s events had brought for her.

“How could you? How could you do that to me?” Jasmine asked shattering her reverie as she started for the door.

“What? I didn’t do anything to you Jasmine. I’m just making a life choice.”

“One that affects us both!”

“Jasmine calm down ok? Sit with me and let’s talk.”

“Talk? You want to talk now? Now that everything is already done? You didn’t even tell me you were going to do this and now you want to talk? No! You’re not my family you don’t care and you never loved me! You feel ok with leaving me alone like this why should I listen to anything you have to say now?”

“Jasmine no, I never meant to hurt you that wasn’t my intention! And I’m not going anywhere! I’m only becoming a vampire like…”

“All the other dead people around me! You don’t get it Aunt Jade! You don’t understand how it feels being the only one that’s normal and I can’t even call myself that sometimes! I’m a total freak and now I’m alone! I hope you’re happy.”

“Jasmine you’re not alone. If being a vampire means anything it’ll mean that I’ll be around a lot longer to be there for you and help you for…”

“The rest of my life? Yeah I’ll die mortal and you’ll have to watch me suffer through everything. How do you think that’ll feel Aunt Jade? How do you think it will make me feel? I have to suffer through everyone’s emotions and everyone is pulling away from me!”

Jade stepped closer and reached a calming hand towards Jasmine’s shoulder. She pulled away as the tears began blurring her vision and wrapped herself in her own arms. “Forget it, just forget! I came to talk to you but I don’t see the point in it since you obviously feel it’s ok to make decisions like this without me!”


She ran from the house and into the bushes beside the neighbors as Jade chased after her. She mumbled something to herself and ported away before Jade could get to her.

Bastian glanced down at his phone and smiled before raising it to his ear. “Bonsoir Mon Amour! I didn’t zhink you’d awaken for a while. Zhen again you have renewed strengzh.” He heard her voice crack before she whispered a word and concern drew on his face. “What is zhe matter Jade? Has Karver returned? Are you hurt?”

No, I…”

“I’ll be right zhere!” he looked at Gérard and nodded before tossing him his keys and hopping into bat form to reach Jade as quickly as he could.

He rushed into the house and sought her out finding her in the corner of the living room on her hands and knees and crying into her arms. He pulled her from the ground and wrapped his arms tightly around her waist and her body shook as she continued crying into his shoulder. “What has happened Love? Please answer me, you are really worrying me!”

“It’s…Jasmine,” she wailed as she backed off his shoulder a little. He ran his thumb across her cheek as she looked down at her feet and raised her eyes to his. “She…we had a fight and she ran off!”

“When did zhis happen?”

“I don’t know…twenty minutes before you got here. She’s really upset about the whole vampire thing and she just left!”

“Wait, you didn’t tell her? Jade sweetheart, zhat was why I gave you zhe week. I wanted you to ensure zhat everyone was comfortable for you to do what you are doing, Jasmine especially. She’s sensitive to zhis because of what she is. I’ll go and find her Jade, no worries, I’ll bring her home,” he said kissing her forehead before starting for the door.

Jasmine walked the familiar corridors as she searched for the room she knew the man would be sitting in. He knew she was there, had to. The moment she cast the spell to propel her forward she felt a shift in emotions; anger, rage, hatred all of that was piercing through her body like sharp daggers being thrown from different directions. She held her stomach as the pain of those feelings nearly toppled her to the ground.

She stood in front of the large wooden door and sighed considering what she was doing and hoping she wasn’t making the biggest mistake of her life. The doors opened with one heavy hand on the handle and she slowly approached the podium where he sat. He leaned forward and smiled as she neared him, standing as she finally stopped in front of the step and with a slight wave dismissed the other demons that occupied the room.

Karver stepped down from the stage and circled Jasmine once, inhaling her scent he could detect Jade on her and that brought a smile to his face before he stepped back in front of her. “You know I somehow doubt your Aunt sent you to me. In fact, no one knows you’re even here. So I ask: to what do I owe the pleasure?”

She took one step back. The stench of sulfur stung her nose and turned her features down into a frown. What was she doing? This was a mistake. “I shouldn’t have come,” she whispered and turned back towards the exit.

Karver’s hand on her elbow prevented her from moving away and he turned her to face him once more. “You’ve come to me with a purpose, let’s hear it. Or should I tell you why you’re here? I can sense your discomfort with what’s happened with Jade. I believe you and I seek the same thing at this point.”

She nodded slowly and met his gaze again. An evil smirk spread across his lips and he locked his hands behind his back as she began. “I don’t want her like…him! She never asked me! Never even thought about how this would make me feel! I want her human again; just tell me what I have to do!”


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  4. What is Jaz doing oh god making a deal with the devil 😦

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  5. WTF Jaz???? You go to Karver the one man that has hurt your aunt beyond all belief! I can’t believe she would do that. I am so shocked right now. She is going to go behind Jade’s back like that. She’s not thinking clearly about what this might mean. What if Karver takes her back then she would never have her aunt. Is that what she really wants to have Jade be his prisoner again???? I am sooo pissed and upset with Jaz right now.

    Drake was an ass to Elizabeth. He killed off her family because he wanted her and she said no. Now I don’t feel so bad that she is coming after him.

    • Jasmine isn’t thinking clearly right now. She’s been hurt very bad by someone that was supposed to look after her and sensing her emotions, Jazz could tell Jade wasn’t backing down from that decision. She went to Karver in hopes of reclaiming the small piece of her life that she’d come to rely on. Jasmine doesn’t want to see Jade become his prisoner again but she doesn’t want to watch her die either and know that she’ll be an undead for eternity. She’s alone, or feels she is and she has lost everyone she’s loved. Another death even if it’s to join the ranks of the fanged ones is too much for her to handle right now.

      Drake was a monster when he was turned. His sole purpose was to watch after and protect the Vale clan so he took on the curse of the vampire to do so but he had no idea what that meant. He had a voracious hunger he couldn’t feed and a rage that could only be dealt with through outlets of feeding or causing others misery. Killing became natural to him and he was taught by none other than Vincent Levesque! He had to kill to survive and had to kill to protect the Vales. He said it and he believed it: Liz deserves her revenge. But Zoe won’t let that mean hurting her children to get it!

      Thank you for reading!

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    How is Karver regaining his strength so quickly! I was so excited about Bastian and Jade, but now Karver is trying to force Drake to kill him. I did feel sorry for Jasmine, but going to Karver is just too much. She is so wrong to betray her family that way. Her youth and inexperience is her only excuse.

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    • They were fun and Drake’s Pop is hot! LOL We see he was still as big a flirt then too as well!

      Karver is very motivated. Feeling Jade give herself to Bastian was a factor in his ability to do what he did and that’s why he called Drake to take care of the problem. Bastian and Jade have no idea what they awakened in Karver starting that blood bond!

      Jasmine is in a very bad place right now. She feels as though she’s lost everyone and she won’t let that take Jade too! She never directly dealt with Karver except the one time to get her Aunt back. She saw his power when he took her father so in her mind, he owes her!

      Bastian and Drake will work very hard to keep that from happening!

      Thank you for reading 🙂

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    YAY JASTIAN!!!!!!!!! His bite was sexy!! They are making love like crazy! Their happiness is so clear but now Jade will have to worry about Jazz. I kind of understand Jazzy. She can see Jade whenever she wants but Jade is the only living family she knows and she feels like her death means she’s leaving. Poor girls!

    • Karver wouldn’t do that! He’s set on Jasmine but he was enjoying smelling Jade on her! Karver is planning…it’s much scarier. He has Drake under his thumb and will use him for what he can. He hasn’t received the final piece he’s needed in order to break free but now that Jasmine has come around, he may get more than what he needs to fully replenish his powers!

      HAHA yeah those two are huge flirts! Drake fighting himself is crazy! It’s him he should be happy that he loved his wife any either life but he just sees another man looking at and craving what’s his! He won’t stand for that no matter who it is. YES! I love Henri too! I think he was really handsome 🙂 His eyes especially! Drake would have made a sexy senior for sure.

      It was 😉 thank you. They are ensuring that the other never wants for anything for sure. Jade’s neglect to inform Jasmine of her desires and what she was doing will come back to bite her in a big way unfortunately. That is exactly how Jasmine feels. Though she knows she can see her family any time she wants she doesn’t want to have to deal with another death in her family. Everyone around her will be dead! So she’s going to try and stop it if she can!

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    • Jasmine is being a little selfish believing that everyone is out to harm her for making these kinds of decisions. The life she’s led hasn’t been easy for her unfortunately and it’s made her see things in a jaded way. The fact that she’s an empath doesn’t help matters either because she constantly have to feel how happy they all are and it only depresses her more. Jasmine hasn’t thought through her decision to go to Karver. Though she’d never want to see her Aunt trapped in his hell again she doesn’t want to lose her either. Never apologize for that! I love hearing how readers feel and the way you see the plot 😀 I’m not a comment Nazi LOL

      Elope? Jade would want her sister there for sure. Though she’s never seen herself as the type to have a wedding because she never thought it would happen to her, she might want to plan for a nice event.

      HAHAHA 13? All yours? And you called Jazzy selfish #roflmao# then again that might just mean you’re greedy! But I couldn’t agree more! He was pretty yum and so was Papa!

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    I’m so happy for Jade and Bastian! ♥ However, I’m worried for both of them because of this deal Jasmine is about to make with Karver concerning Jade, and the fact that Karver is threatening Drake into killing Bastian! Karver is going out of his way to separate them!

    I liked Papa Henri! He’s hot! 😛 No wonder where Drake got his good looks from! 😉

    I loved this! 😀

    • Jasmine is hurt with the idea that she’s lost everyone that was important in her life. She hasn’t stopped to consider the fact that Jade isn’t going anywhere though and is acting rather hastily. She should know better but she’s unconcerned with consequences she just doesn’t want her life to change.

      Karver doesn’t think it’s going out of his way, in fact he thinks anyone that stands in his way of getting what he wants is a serious threat. In that case it’s Bastian and he must be eliminated. Karver has plans for Drake; he has been his best asset in maintaining control within the Pit but he keeps quiet about his true plans for him. Bringing his ex-fiancee back is one way for Karver to get at what he wants most.

      Drake’s dad is awesome. He was a great man and Drake really did love him. HAHA and yes he is hot too! 😛 I’m glad I’m not the only one that saw that. I was perving on the man! LOL

      Thank you for reading 🙂

  10. JustKeepSimming

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    • Yeah it’s bad. It’s been well over a year and I haven’t been able to get back to this story, sorry. I really want to but the many other projects I started have sidetracked me from Desired. The story still remains on my list of things to do/finish so there will be a continuation that I can hopefully get back to once I finish one of my current stories (which is soon as Codename is heading towards it’s final season).

      Thank you for reading! I really appreciate you taking the time 🙂

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